Thoroughbred shavings are only produced by machining kiln-dried, pure softwood material and are never blended or mixed with lower grade or chipped end-of-life wood. This ensures we provide you with a low moisture content bale with a light dry flake - excellent for absorbency and cushioning. Our bales are produced from a closed production and extraction system direct to the baler. They are then sealed on line to minimise the potential of contamination, and produce a clean safe bale.


  • Soft

Cushions and protects joints when lying down

  •  Absorbent

The woodshavings draw moisture away from the surface of the bed to ensure that your horse stays drier for longer

  • Reduced mucking out times

As wet drains to the bottom of the bed, this not only makes stables quick and easy to muck out but also reduces the amount of top up bedding needed

  • Reduce odour

Softwood omits a natural scent that neutralises unpleasant odors

  •  Natural hygienic properties

Our softwood shavings have a heavy pine content. Pine has natural antibacterial properties that kill many strands of bacteria which thrive in a warm, damp bed

  • Dust extracted

Our dust extraction process ensures our bales are just full of fluffy softwood flakes - no dust or debris means more shavings in the bale for your money!

  • Easy to use

We compress our bales for easier handling and transportation. They breakdown quicker than chipped material for a swiftly laid bed

Thoroughbred Shavings