Heritage - Ideal for gundogs and active working dogs

To help support stamina and recovery after a busy day.

  • Increased fat and high-quality protein to support performance
  • Joint care package and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy musculoskeletal system
  • Nutritional support for the digestive system, skin and coat
  • QLC, our unique natural blend of antioxidants, helps to 'mop-up' excess free radicals, promoting recovery and supporting your dog's immune system
  • Contains taurine and carnitine for a healthy heart and enhanced fat utilisation for stamina



Analytical Constituents:

  • Protein 24.0%
  • Fat Content 15%.0
  • Crude Fibres 3.75%
  • Crude Ash 6.0%

Chudleys Working Crunch